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Check out this article from the Dayton Daily News regarding the energy-efficient upgrades we are making to our building!

Check out the excerpt below and view the full article by Cornelius Frolik here!

Top of the Market Banquet and Events Center will make more than $500,000 in energy-efficient improvements to its Webster Street building, becoming the second property to use a financing tool new in Dayton.

The building at 32 Webster St. will receive a new energy-efficient metal roof and upgraded heating and lighting systems, including light emitting diode (LED) technology, said Sandy Mendelson, the owner.

“We are losing thousands of dollars through the roof,” he said.

The projected annual savings in energy costs is about $40,000, city officials said. The upfront money for the project will come from a special financing program.

Dayton commissioners on Wednesday approved a petition to add Top of the Market to a special energy improvement district.

The addition allows the business to access financing to pay for capital improvements, which it will repay through 30 semi-annual special assessment payment on its property tax bill. Repayment through the program typically lasts about 15 years, but can stretch as long as 20.

Work on the structure should begin soon, and the hope is to finish up before year’s end, Mendelson said.

Top of the Market has three big event rooms and hosts meetings and celebrations every weekend, including weddings and office and holiday parties.

“There’s probably going to be 250 to 300 affairs there this year,” Mendelson said.

Earlier this year, commissioners approved creating a special energy improvement district to help the Kettering Tower obtain about $2.8 million in financing for an overhaul to its lighting and heating and cooling systems.