Here is a list of commonly asked questions about Top of the Market.  If you have a question that you do not see answered here, please feel free to visit our Contact page and give us an email, or call us at (937) 224-3663, extension 3.

Rental / General Information

How many guests can Top of the Market accommodate?

We have two rooms here at Top of the Market! The Loft can hold up to 175 guests for both a ceremony and a reception. The Warehouse can hold up to 350 guests for a reception, or 180 guests for both a ceremony and a reception.

Is Top of the Market handicap accessible?

Yes! The building itself has three ramps guests can use, as well as an elevator to our second-floor Loft room.

Is there parking at Top of the Market?  Is parking complimentary?  Are my guests able to leave their cars overnight?

Yes and yes and yes! We have plenty of private, off-street parking on each side of our building and parking is completely free for you and your guests.  Whether one of your guests had just one beer too many or they found another special someone to go home with, they are more than welcome to leave their cars in our parking lot overnight.

What is Top of the Market’s policy on decorations?

Top of the Market sets up your tables, linens, chairs, napkins, silverware, glassware, plates, and any other necessary food service items.  Centerpieces and other decorations are the responsibility of the guest. For the most part, the only things that we do not allow are glitter, confetti, helium balloons, and fog machines.  If there is anything that you are uncertain of, please feel free to ask!

Can Top of the Market accommodate a band for my wedding?

We sure can! We are huge fans of live music here at Top of the Market.  Our exposed bricks and wooden beams let all types of music resonate with a full, rich sound.

Can I hire my own vendors?

Yes!  Your DJ, florist, photographer, baker, and everyone in-between is entirely your choice with the exception of food, beverage, and alcohol, which must be provided through Top of the Market.  We do not have any certain vendor(s) that you must work with, but we are happy to make recommendations on our Vendor page.  You should make sure to pick the vendor that fits your budget and personality the best, as they will be an important part of your special day!

Am I able to tour your space?

Of course!  Give us a call at (937) 224-3663, email us at info@topofmarket.com, or visit our Contact page and fill out the form!

Will we be the only event in our room on our day?

While we may (and usually do) have two separate events happening at the same time in both The Loft and The Warehouse, we will never book two events in the same room on the same day.

Is your building climate controlled?

Absolutely! Our HVAC system was upgraded in 2016 and can make certain that you and your guests are comfortable during each of Ohio’s lovely yet unpredictable seasons.

How early will my vendors and I be able to access our room on our day?

While we try to have your room set for you as early in the week as possible, you and your vendors will definitely be able to access your room by 9:00am on the day of your event.  If you or your vendors need access to your room outside of our regular office hours, please let us know and we will work something out!

What will we need to clean up on the evening of our event?

The only thing that you will need to worry about that evening is taking your gifts and your cards home.  You are welcome to come back on Monday for your centerpieces and any other decorations.  Leave the rest of the cleanup to us!

Food, Beverage & Alcohol Information

Do you allow outside caterers?

In order to meet both Montgomery County Department of Public Health and our own standards for cleanliness and sanitation, we require that all food be provided by Top of the Market.  Our catering staff has decades of experience in the food service industry, so we are certain that we will be able to find something that you and your guests will love.  Please visit our menu to get an idea of our standard offerings.  If there is something that you are interested in but don’t see on the menu, let us know!

What is your alcohol policy?  Are we allowed to bring our own beer / wine / liquor?

In order to comply with Ohio Division of Liquor Control regulations, and to provide a responsibly fun and safe event for you and your guests, Top of the Market requires that all alcohol be purchased from and served by our experienced staff.  If there is any sort of alcohol that you would like at your event that isn’t listed on our menu, let us know!

Is there a minimum order for food & beverage?

While we do not have a minimum dollar amount you must spend on your event’s food & beverages, we do have certain requirements (based on the menu, style of service, and type of event) regarding the overall quantity of food you must purchase so that we may insure each of your guests are properly fed.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions (gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc)?

Of course!  We are able to accommodate a wide range of dietary restrictions – just make sure to let us know about them during your final details meeting!  In addition to letting us know, make sure to let your guest know that you’ve ordered a special meal for them and that they will just need to ask our staff for it when it comes time for dinner.

Are we able to try your food before our event?

Absolutely!  For weddings, we hold group tastings approximately 8 to 9 times each year to help give you an idea of what you might like served at your event.  The tastings are also an excellent opportunity to meet our staff, so that you will have some familiar faces available to you on your day to help you out if you need it.

"We were very thankful for Jeremy and Emily and their professional handling of each detail. We had many guests that had never been to Top of the Market and everyone was raving not only about the location but how great the food was."

— Marci, Mother of the Bride || 11/3/18