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News and Events

Today is our first blanket party of the year!  The fun starts at 6:00pm this evening and EVERYONE is invited! Admission and food are free as long as you are willing to make some blankets!

We are making tie-blankets for Dayton Children’s Medical Center as well as homeless and women’s shelters in the area. These blankets are easy to make and ANYONE can do it!  Bring your coworkers, friends and family!  We will be donating these blankets for Christmas this year!

A HUGE thank you to our sponsors, donors, and partners:

Do you want your group or company to be on this list for our December 16th blanket party?  Just contact Jeremy at jeremy@topofmarket.com!  If we missed anyone, please email Jeremy so that we can give you proper recognition.

We would also like to thank each and every one of our employees that volunteer their time tonight – please know that we appreciate everything you do!

Make sure to follow us on the @DaytonBaton Instagram account and our @DeliAndTopOfTheMarket account as we will post many pictures for all to see!

This message is approved by Lilly and Santa Jeremy!